How to Zip MP3 Files

By Andrew Schrader

Zip files allow users to compress, or archive, a number of other files (including MP3 music) to a smaller format for storage purposes. Since zip files are smaller in size, they are more easily transmittable through email and take less time to transfer between computers or devices. Windows offers the option of creating a zip file in a pre-existing folder, or to create and store it directly to their desktop.

Step 1

Launch a new Windows Explorer window. Navigate to a folder where you want to create a new zipped file. Navigate to your desktop if you want your zipped folder saved to your desktop.

Step 2

Right-click the location where you want your zipped file stored (either a folder or on your desktop) and hold your cursor over the "New" sub-menu. Select the "Compressed (zipped) Folder" option.

Step 3

Enter the desired name for your zipped folder and press "ENTER" on your keyboard.

Step 4

Open a new Windows Explorer window and navigate to the MP3 files you want zipped. Drag and drop your MP3 files directly into the zipped folder icon.