How to Zip a Folder With WinRAR

by Quinten Plummer

WinRAR--the lightweight, yet powerful, compression tool--offers computer users a simple, "user friendly" compression utility that's customizable enough to suit advanced and casual computer users alike. Once you've learned to zip your folders with WinRAR, you'll be ready to tackle more advanced tasks like backing up files and adding advanced security options.


Create a new folder. Place the files that will be zipped into the newly created folder. You may choose to rename this folder or to leave it the way it is. You can rename the file at any time.


Right-click on the folder that will be archived. Choose the "Add to Archive" option from the pop-up menu. In the window that appears, there are several tabs.


Type in a name for your .zip file into the field labeled "Archive Name." Select the option labeled "ZIP" under the Archive Format heading.


Choose your compression quality from the drop-down menu located below Compression Method.


Click the "Advanced" tab if you want to protect your ZIP file with a password. Click "Set Password," and then enter your desired password into the fields in the Archiving with Password menu. Click "OK" to continue.


Return to the "General" tab, and then click "OK" to zip the folder and its contents.


  • check "RAR" files provide tougher encryption capabilities than ZIP files. WinRAR is capable of creating both file types.

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