Yahoo Is Rejecting Mail From My Server

By Adrian Grahams

Yahoo Mail’s email servers reject email messages if the sender’s email server doesn’t conform to standard Internet practices. Yahoo also blocks email servers suspected of sending unsolicited junk email messages to protect its users from spam, viruses and phishing scam attempts. If Yahoo Mail rejects messages sent from your email server, troubleshoot the problem by checking the server’s settings.

Bounce Rates and Retry Policies

Yahoo Mail rejects messages from servers sending large numbers of emails that bounce because the recipients' email addresses don’t exist. High bounce rates indicate that the email server is sending out large amounts of unsolicited email to randomly generated email addresses. Troubleshoot this problem by checking that recipients’ email addresses are genuine and accurate. Some email servers continually try to resend bounced messages. Email server administrators can tweak the server to reduce or remove bounced email retries. If you’re a home user, contact your Web host’s technical support representative to flag and resolve the problem.

Server Response Codes

Emails rejected by Yahoo Mail usually include an SMTP server response code. You can view the code in the message header of emails bounced by Yahoo’s servers or in your server's SMTP logs. Yahoo advises that a “500” code indicates that you need to take action to rectify a problem with your emails. Organizations that follow Internet email best-practice policies and procedures often test the bounce rate of emails rejected with the “500” server-response code, because this can indicate a systemic server problem. Again, most home users need to contact the Web host to resolve problems with “500” server response codes.

Unsolicited Email

Yahoo wants to reduce the amount of junk email that arrives in its users’ inboxes, and Yahoo’s email servers can therefore reject unsolicited emails. Yahoo advises direct email marketers to use “closed-loop confirmation” before sending commercial emails to Yahoo email addresses. Closed-loop confirmation requires the email recipient to confirm and verify that he wants to receive emails from the sender. Implementing this confirmation and verification procedure ensures that emails go only to genuine and validated email addresses. Providing an “Unsubscribe” link on all marketing emails also reduces the problem of unsolicited email.

Contact Yahoo

If you follow email-best practice policies but still encounter problems with rejected emails, contact Yahoo directly. Go to the Contact Yahoo page at and click the "Yahoo Mail Delivery Issues Form" in the Email section. Provide your name, contact details and information about your email server and any server error codes included in the message header on rejected emails. Click the “Submit” button when you’ve completed all sections of the form. Yahoo will contact you if it needs more information to investigate the problem.