How to View Yahoo Message History Retrieved From a Cell Phone

by Jennifer Leighton

Yahoo! Mobile Messenger offers users many of the same capabilities that Yahoo Messenger for the PC or Mac offers. While certain features, such as emoticons, are more limited in Yahoo! Mobile Messenger, other features such as archived conversations are still available. Yahoo! Mobile Messenger conversations must first have archiving enabled in order to retrieve and view them on your cell phone.

Step 1

Log into Yahoo! Mobile Messenger from your mobile device.

Step 2

Click the "Menu" on the Yahoo! Messenger main menu screen.

Step 3

Scroll down to "Preferences" and click.

Step 4

Click "Archive," and check to see which option is currently enabled on your cell phone. Options include: "Yes, save all of my messages," "Yes, save all of my messages, but clear them each time I sign out" (the Default Setting,) and "No, do not save any of my messages." If either the first or second option is not selected, it will be impossible to view your previous message history since the cell phone will not have saved any conversations. If the first option was previously enabled, proceed to step 5. Otherwise, enable one of the first two options to view archived conversations in the future.

Step 5

Return to the Yahoo! Messenger main menu.

Step 6

Select "Contacts" in the Yahoo! Messenger main menu.

Step 7

Choose the "Message Archives" option. A list of your contacts will appear, with archived conversations with each contact listed by date.

Scroll down to the specific conversation you wish to view and click that date. This will load the archived Yahoo! Messenger conversation with that contact.


  • Long Yahoo! Messenger conversations (those lasting more than 20 minutes or 100 transactions) will be truncated. The remainder of that conversation will be placed in a separate Yahoo! Messenger archive file. If a conversation lasts more than 60 minutes, for example, there will be at least three different Yahoo! message archive files for that conversation.

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