Yahoo Mail Sound Effects

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Adjust the sound alert with the "Yahoo! Messenger Preferences" options.
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Activate a sound effect when a new email message arrives in your Yahoo! Inbox. Install “Yahoo! Messenger” to access options for your email notification. An email alert can be a time-saver that reduces the number of times you check your inbox status. Enable the "Preferences" option to play the sound file that announces the next incoming message.

Install Yahoo! Messenger

Download and install the Yahoo! Messenger software from the website at Follow the prompts to finish the installation. Type “” in the URL address bar to bring up the Yahoo! Website. Sign in with your email address and password to open your Yahoo! Mail account.

Select the “Preferences”

Click the “Yahoo! Messenger” icon on the task bar to display a list of options. This icon displays a smiling emoticon. Click "Show Yahoo! Messenger" to open the “Y! Messenger” dialog box. Click the “Messenger” menu to display a list of options. Click “Preferences” on the list to open the “Yahoo! Messenger Preferences” dialog box.

Enable the Sound Alert

Click the “Alerts & Sounds” in the “Category” pane of the “Yahoo! Messenger Preferences” dialog box. The right pane will display the “Alerts & Sounds” section. Click to select the check box for “Enable alert sounds.” Click “I receive a message in Yahoo! Mail” in the list.

Select the Sound Effect

Click to select the check box for “Playing a sound” in the “Alert me by” section. Click the triangle button to test the sound alert. You can also opt to click the “Browse” button to locate a WAV file. The “Pick an Alert Sound” dialog box opens with a list of files. Examples include “beep,” “flash” and “yodel.” Click the preferred sound file and click “Open.” This dialog box closes. Test this sound by clicking the triangle button on the "Yahoo! Messenger Preferences" dialog box, then click “OK.” The dialog box closes. The next incoming message will activate a sound alert.