How to Get Yahoo Email on Cell Text Message

By Jason Artman

A Yahoo! Mail Alert contains the address of the sender, the subject of the message and the first few lines of text from the message.
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Yahoo! Mail has the ability to forward notifications of new messages to your cell phone via SMS text message. Each notification includes the address of the sender, the subject line for the email and as much of the body of the email as can fit in a single text message. This feature is called Yahoo! Mail Alerts. Sign up for Yahoo! Mail Alerts to allow yourself to be notified of new messages while you are away from your computer.

Browse to the sign-in page for Yahoo! Mobile at and sign in using your Yahoo! ID and password.

Use the drop-down menu to set a limit on how many alerts Yahoo! Mail should send you per day. You may also select no limit if desired. Click "Continue to Step 2."

Enter your full 10-digit cell phone number and select your wireless carrier. Note that Yahoo! Mail Alerts are not available for all carriers. If you do not see your carrier listed, check again in the future to see if it has been added. Click "Continue to Step 3."

Check your phone for an incoming text message. This message will contain a confirmation code. Return to the computer and enter the confirmation code as it is displayed on your phone. Click "Confirm" to begin receiving Yahoo! Mail Alerts.