How to Get Written Directions on a Garmin

by Jean Asta

Garmin personal navigation device owners recognize the benefits their GPS devices provide: From locating nearby restaurants to giving directions to almost anywhere, a Garmin GPS device offers a wide variety of features. Most Garmin GPS models offer audio instructions via a computer-generated voice that provides turn-by-turn driving directions. However, there may be times when you want to get directions without the assistance of the automated voice. You have the option of turning the voice off and using the navigation device to display written directions instead.


On the menu page of your Garmin-brand GPS device, touch the "Volume" icon. Select the box for "Mute" to turn off the audio voice and audio indicators.


Follow normal direction-getting procedures: Enter the destination location address, select a saved location address, or choose the category of the type of location you are looking for. Once the destination map is showing, proceed to Step 3.


At the top of the destination map, click on the turn signal. The display will now show written turn-by-turn directions. Hit the "Map" button to return to the map. You can switch back and forth between the written directions and the map as often as you'd like.


  • check There are dozens of different Garmin GPS models. For specific instructions or more detailed information on your model, refer to your device's user manual. If you have lost or misplaced your manual, you can download a PDF version from Garmin's website. A link to the download page is below.

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