Writing Something Under the Profile Picture on Facebook

by Dan Ketchum
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On your Facebook Timeline, your profile picture serves as a valuable first impression – in conjunction with your banner-like Cover photo, this image gives the world a glimpse at not only your looks, but your personality. If you'd like to add a little something more to your profile picture – maybe a quick summary of where it was taken, or even just a simple comment – you can write a description for your photo. Likewise, you can write comments on the profile pictures of others in your social network.

Step 1

Go to your Facebook Timeline by clicking on your name from your Facebook homepage. On your Timeline, click on your profile picture. This brings up an enlarged version of your picture, as well as information such as the date it was added and friends' comments.

Step 2

Click “Add a description,” located next to your profile picture. In the text box that appears, type in the description or comment of your choice in the blank field labeled “Add a description.” In the “Who were you with?” field, you can type in friends' names to tag friends in your photo. The “Where was this photo taken?” field lets you type in a location, and with the drop-down menus below that option, you can choose a year, month and date to associate with the photo. Click the “Done Editing” button when you've finished writing about your profile picture.

Click on one of your friend's profile photos to write something on her picture. In the blank field next to your profile picture's thumbnail, it says “Write a comment...” Click on this field, write your comment and press “Enter” to add your comment to your friend's profile photo.


  • You can also use this process to write something about the profile on your Facebook page for your business, organization or brand. You'll have to be logged in as a page administrator to use the “Add a description” feature, however. Likewise, you can comment on the profile pictures of pages that you “Like” on Facebook.


  • The process of commenting on your profile picture and profile pics belonging to others may change over time as Facebook continues to evolve.

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