How to Write Scripts With Notepad

By William Garmany

Writing Scripts on your Microsoft Windows computer will help you to save time with repetitive tasks, by running those tasks for you automatically at a specified time of day or by running the script manually. The script itself can contain several different commands to run on the computer. The recommended program for writing scripts on your computer is Microsoft Notepad. Once created, running the script is simple. You can either double-click the script icon or open a Windows terminal and navigate to the folder the script is located in, then type the script name to run it.

Click "Start," "Accessories" and "Notepad" to open Microsoft Notepad on your computer.

Type the script that you want to create into Notepad. For example, you can type; "Wscript.echo "My very first script."" as shown by Microsoft TechNet.

Click "File" and "Save As" from Notepad's menu. Type in a name for your script, followed by ".vbs". Click "Save" once more and your script is created.

Click "Start," "Accessories" and "Terminal" to open a terminal to run your script. Type "cscript (scriptname).vbs" to run your new script.