How to Write Cancellation Letters for a Cell Phone Contract

By Elle Blake

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To successfully terminate a cell phone contract, you will be required to give the company formal notice. Usually, you can do this by phone. However, it is wise to follow this phone call with a letter, which keeps a record of the request and proves the date you asked for the cancellation. For the greatest effect, keep your cancellation letter short and to the point.

Lay the letter out correctly. Your name and address should be on the left side of the letter, with the company's name and address on the right.

Address the letter to the correct department. Some may have a dedicated cancellations department, but for most, the letter should be addressed to the customer services department. "For the attention of [Name of Service Provider] Customer Services Department" is sufficient.

Inform the company of your intentions. You do not need to state why you are cancelling, so "I am writing to formally request the cancellation of my cellular contract." is usually sufficient. Remember to be clear about exactly what services you wish to cancel.

Give any additional information. For example, if you are due a refund, "It is my understanding that upon cancelling this service I will be credited with....". You may also need to give a notice period. For most cell phone contracts, this is one month. Give the date you wish the service to stop written in full, to avoid confusion.

Enclose any other relevant information, such as your account number and phone number. If you took your contract out through a third party, you may have been given a reference number which will help your cellular company locate your contract details. If so, enclose this too.

Finish the letter politely, with thanks, and sign. "I look forward to hearing from you" or "Thank you in advance" are both commonly used to finish this type of letter.

Mail the letter recorded to the company's cancellation or customer service department. Make sure you keep the receipt, which will help you if a dispute arises. If you are asked to mail back equipment, such as phones or accessories, ensure these are correctly insured and fully tracked. Some companies may put a time limit on the return. For example, AT&T require the equipment back within 30 days, or your account will be charged with the equipment's value.