How to Write a Letter to Nintendo

By Julius Vandersteen

You can send a message to Nintendo.
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If you play Nintendo games and have a question or a comment, you may want to write a letter to Nintendo. Nintendo introduced its first product, the Nintendo Entertainment System, in 1985, and the company's most recent device is the Wii, a motion-sensitive, Wi-Fi-enabled game console. Before you write a letter to Nintendo, consult the company's Frequently Asked Questions page at to see if your question has already been addressed.

Step 1

Launch your Web browser.

Step 2

Go to the Nintendo website's "Contact" page at

Step 3

Click the "Email Us" link. An email form appears.

Step 4

Type your email address in the "Email Address" box.

Step 5

Type your email address once more in the "Confirm Email Address" box.

Step 6

Click the "Choose Your Topic" pull-down menu, and then click an option, such as "Wii" or "Corporate Questions."

Step 7

Type your letter in the message box.

Step 8

Click the "Submit" button to send your letter to Nintendo.