How to Write Introductions in Powerpoint

by Gregory Hamel

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is a slide show presentation program that is part of Microsoft's Office 2007 productivity software package. PowerPoint is commonly used in business and other formal settings with a projector as an audio visual presentation aid. A strong introduction can help make an effective presentation; the slide show and bullet point setup of PowerPoint makes it easy to create pointed and concise introductions.


On your computer desktop, click the "Start" icon, then "All Programs" Click "Microsoft Office," then "Microsoft PowerPoint 2007." Wait for PowerPoint to open, then click the Windows button in the upper left corner of the program window. Click "Open," browse your computer for your PowerPoint project, select it, then click "Open."


Right click the empty space immediately below the first slide (the title slide) and select "New Slide." A blank slide will be inserted for Slide 2 and all the other slides will move down one spot in the slide order.


Click on the box that says "Click to Add Title," and enter a title for your introduction. You may want to type the name or topic of the presentation as the title, or you could simply type "Introduction."


Click on the slide area labeled "Click to Add Text." Your text cursor will be placed after the first bullet point.


List each major topic that you are going to discuss during your presentation as a bullet point. Write a brief description of the first topic that you are going to cover, press enter to jump to the next line and start a new bullet point, and continue until you have listed the main points of the presentation in the order that they will be discussed.


Create a second introduction slide if the first is too long. You should avoid typing too much on one slide because the text will become smaller to fit into the text space. In the slide ordering on the left side of the program window, right click on the blank space immediately below your first introduction slide and select "New Slide." Add the same name that you added to the first slide and continue listing your presentation's main points.


  • check Try to keep your introduction to one or two slides.
  • check Writing concisely is important for effective PowerPoint presentations. Too much text can make presentations appear busy or confusing.
  • check Small text can make presentations difficult for an audience to read.
  • check Do not use PowerPoint as a substitute for notes. Instead use it as a way to organize your presentation and use notes and knowledge to expound on each bullet point you include in your introduction.

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