How to Write HTML to Place an Email Pop-Up on a Web Page

By Lysis

HTML email links can be used for quick communication.
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Links to email addresses automatically pop up the user's email client. Creating HTML links to email addresses make it convenient for your web readers to send an email communication directly. The HTML link opens the email client and sets the user's display to the "send email" window within the client software. The HTML to create such a link only requires a few lines of code and it can be placed anywhere on your web page.

Insert the basic HTML code for a link using the anchor ("a") tags. The "a" tag indicates a link to any location on your website, an external page or even an email. Insert the following code into your web page code:

Click here to email me

Enter an email address in the "href" property for the link. In most cases, a web page or URL is used in the href property. However, when an email is entered, the browser opens the user's email client. Use the following code to open an email client:

Click here to email me

Enter a subject for the email. You can use the "subject" parameter to automatically set a subject for your reader. This is also beneficial if you want to keep email categorized when you receive communication from your website. Use the following code to set a subject:

Click here to email me

Save your HTML changes and open the page in your browser. Click the link to test the new settings. Your browser opens with the subject and recipient already programmed for the user.