How to Write a Good Blog.... and Make Money Doing It

by Sara Hickman

Blogs are one of the best ways to reach an online audience because you can write about nearly anything. Some people even make careers out of blogging through marketing firms or by creating businesses of their own. Starting a blog is free and many services provide free blogs for those who don't know HTML programming. Blogging can be a successful career if you take the time to create a good blog with interesting content. Most importantly, you must update it often.

Decide who your target audience is. Write content that pertains to one subject or area instead of writing about many things; this will make it easier to work with companies you want to pay you for blogging. People interested in the subject matter will also frequent your blog, thereby creating an audience.

Use a conversational tone in your blog if it is directed at the average person or a business tone if you are writing for a company. Use proper grammar in your blog and run Spell Check. Errors and improper sentences will make your blog appear amateur and will not be taken seriously by people who could buy advertising space on your blog.

Write entries that are long enough to express all of your thoughts and ideas, but are manageable. People tend to have a short attention span on the internet, so longer blog entries should be divided into a series of posts. Add links and photos for additional information and to emphasize the ideas presented in your blog.

Write original content on your blog that is interesting, informative and useful. If you review an item and are paid to do so, ethically you must state you were given the item to review. Use bold statements to highlight important or interesting parts in the blog, such as key phrases or whole sentences. People often scan things on the internet, and bold letters will jump out of the screen.

Join blogging communities that offer contests to bloggers. Companies -- including hotel chains and cosmetic companies -- offer contests to bloggers who write entries pertaining to their products. The best entry will win a gift card, money or free products.

Sell advertising space on your blog. Set a price for ads in the columns of your blog and list a place for potential advertisers to contact you. You can also sign up for advertising websites that will list your blog's empty space for sale, but you must apply for these sites.

Sell products you make yourself on your blog. You can make T-shirts, jewelry, homemade soap and other items to make money. Use your blog as a platform to sell your wares or sell memorabilia for your blog, if it takes off. Pens, caps, T-shirts and other items with your blog's name and address listed on them are a few examples.

Add widgets, like Barnes and Noble and Amazon affiliates, to your blog. When people click the links on your site and make a purchase, you earn a small percentage. You can tailor these widgets to fit the content of your blog.

About the Author

Sara Hickman owns a preschool science-based entertainment business in the Greater Cincinnati area. She has a bachelor's degree in communication and psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

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