How to Write a Filemaker Pro Script

by Contributor

A script is series of user-defined instructions that automate repetitive or complex tasks on a set of records, similar to a macro in word processing. A FileMaker Pro database script can work across files, modes and layouts. Follow the following steps to create a FileMaker Pro script.

Plan your FileMaker Pro script as thorough planning will make the process easier. Determine which files, layouts, modes and records will be used. Decide on how to test the script and whether sub-scripts will be used.

Choose "File" menu and select "Manage" and then "Scripts." When the "Manage Scripts" dialog box appears, click "New." The "Edit Script" window will appear. Type a name for the script in the "Script Name" box.

Add each script step in the order it should be performed. Select the steps from the "Steps List" and click "Move." If the step has options to define, it will have a square bracket following it. Double-click on these types of steps and choose "Specify." A dialog box will open where the options can be defined.

Close the "Edit Script" window after adding all the script steps. Click "Save" to save it. Return to the "Manage Scripts" dialog box.

Click "Include in Menu" to include the script in the scripts menu.

Close the "Manage Scripts" dialog box.


  • check Filemaker Pro script steps can easily be reordered by using the double arrow on the left of the step to drag it to its new location.
  • check Save a clone of the database to preserve the original data before testing any script.

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