How to Write to DVD

by Lysis

If you have a writable digital video disc in your computer, it's a great way to save and back up files. On a Windows machine, the operating system has a programmed function that helps you write to a DVD diskette. This process also works for writable CD-ROM disks. The Windows operating system automatically prompts you to format the blank DVD once you insert it into the drive. Once the DVD diskette is formatted, you can save files to it. The files written to the DVD diskette can then be read from your DVD drive.

Insert the blank DVD diskette. Once you insert the DVD diskette, Windows automatically starts the process to start writing to the DVD.

Choose "Burn a DVD Data Disc" from the list of options on the opening screen. This opens a new window that asks for the format type.

Choose "Live File System Disc" or "Mastered Disc" from the format options. The live file system is the choice when you want to save files one by one as if it's a secondary hard drive. Use the mastered disc option when you want to write an image or already know the list of files to save. You save all files at once and commit to the process after clicking "Burn" using the mastered disc option.

Open a new window for the new DVD drive. Drag and drop all the files you want to save to the opened DVD drive window. If you chose the mastered disc format option, there is a button on the main toolbar labeled "Burn To Disc." Click this button when you are ready to commit and burn the DVD.

Open the DVD drive again once the files have been burned to the DVD. Files are able to be read and accessed from the DVD once they are saved and burned.

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