How to Write a Cooking Blog

by Contributor

A cooking blog is an excellent way for a gourmet or amateur culinary expert to take the passion to the next level. Starting a cooking blog will let you share your ideas aboout and experience of food while gaining new insights from readers who comment on the blog. Follow these steps to successfully write the 21st-century equivalent of a cookbook: the cooking blog.

Take an angle on cooking. Like all successful media ventures, your cooking blog needs to have a particular focus and outlook. Think about the kind of cooking you love most or the cuisine with which you have the most experience. Also, think about any regional specialties you might have in order to give your cooking blog a fresh and interesting angle.

Start your blog on one of the free blog services. Blog providers like Wordpress and offer comprehensive, user-friendly blogging tools that will give you full control over your blog. Sign up and start using the service to familiarize yourself with the system.

Use plenty of imagery and multimedia. There is literally no such thing as too many photos or videos on a blog (unless the photos and videos are boring or inappropriate). Upload photos of food you cook to accompany posts that you write. Similarly, use your blog to embed video in order to effectively create your own cooking show.

Write frequently. One of the most important characteristics of a successful blog is frequent postings. You should aim for at least one post a day (but preferably more) to keep readers interested in your content. Write different kinds of posts such as guest bloggers, personal comments and anecdotes and even reviews of other cooks.

Publicize your blog. The blog is only successful if people are reading it. Begin with your friends and family, but extend your blog's reach by contacting other bloggers with a similar focus and requesting that you exchange links and comments on each other's blog. The more links and comments you garner, the better rank and more views your blog will receive.

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