How to Write HTML Code for Someone to Subscribe to Newsletters

By Brandy Alexander

As a website creator, consider adding a newsletter subscription feature to your pages. This website element invites users to receive your mailings and you get notified when interested parties participate. In this way, you can build a mailing list that allows you to communicate your messages to a dedicated audience and it keeps these viewers interested in you site. Using HyperText Markup Language (HTML), write the code that allows your visitors to subscribe to your own newsletters.

Step 1

Open a web page file in your text editor. Place your cursor in the area where you want to place the prompt for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Step 2

Type in opening and closing “

” header tags. Type content between these elements to tell the viewer what the prompt is for. For example:

Subscribe to My Newsletter

Step 3

Enter a “

” tag. Inside the tag, set the “method” to “post,” the “enctype” to “text/html” and enter your email address after the “action” entry. For instance:

This code line sends any subscription requests to you as an email message.

Step 4

Type in an “email” entry. Enter an “” tag with the “name” assigned to “email” and the “type” set to “text” as such:


This HTML line asks the user for his email address and provides a text field where he may enter the information.

Step 5

Create a “Submit” button to allow the user to deliver her information to you by entering the following line of code:

Step 6

Type in an ending “” tag to complete the code. Save your file when done.