How to Write an Addendum to an Email (4 Steps)

By Todd Bowerman

Addendums can help clarify message content.
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When writing an email, it occasionally becomes necessary to add information that expands upon the main themes offered by the message. Whether you are elaborating on a spotty work history in an emailed resume or attempting to explain specific concepts in a message to co-workers, adding an addendum can help you make your message more thorough without lengthening the main body.

Step 1

Write your email as you normally would. Put as much information is necessary in the main body, and sign the email with your name and contact information.

Step 2

Add a separate section to the email below your signature. You can use a few spaces, or draw a line with hyphens to help highlight the separation.

Step 3

Title the addendum “Addendum - [SUBJECT].” This helps him determine if the addendum is relevant to his interests.

Step 4

Use the addendum space to further explain important parts of your message. For example, if you have a gap in your work history due to injury or illness, you can write a quick explanation in your addendum. If there are subjects in your mail that require deeper thought, an addendum is a good place to put additional questions for recipients. The addendum is for expanding upon your initial message, so write what works.