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by Andrea Ruiz
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Google's blog platform, Blogger, allows its bloggers to easily upload a variety of media files to their accounts. Once you upload your media file to the Blogspot servers, you can insert it into your post and format it however you wish using HTML. However, if you've updated an image file, Blogger provides a few quick tools that help you format its appearance in your post to your liking. Using the blog platform's image-alignment tools, you can easily wrap text to the left or the right of the image, giving the appearance of columns without the need to code tables.

Step 1

Insert the image into your Blogger post by clicking the image icon in the main menu across the top of the posting form. It looks like a small picture frame with an image of two mountains. You can upload a photo from your hard drive, Picasa albums or phone, take a photo with your webcam, or use an external URL.

Step 2

Click the photo, then click the "Add Selected" button to insert the photo into your post.

Step 3

Click the photo in your post. A settings menu appears beneath the photo, allowing you to choose from several image sizes and alignment properties.

Step 4

Select the desired horizontal alignment for the photo. If you want your text to wrap to the left of the photo, select "Right." If you want your text to wrap to the right of the photo, select "Left."

Step 5

Click the white space next to the top of the photo and begin typing. You can format the text the same way you normally would.

Click "Publish" to make the changes live if it's a new post, or "Update" if it's an existing post.


  • Center-aligning the photo will center both the text and the image, and will not wrap the text around the image.


  • You must format your text separately from the formatting options you chose for your photo. If you'd like your text to align with your photo, you can right-align the text as well, so that the right margin of the text wraps along the side of a right-aligned photo, and the left margin of the text can wrap along the side of a left-aligned photo.


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