Why Would an Account on Facebook Be Suspended?

by Naomi Bolton
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While it is free to sign up for an account on the Facebook social media network, you have to adhere to the terms specified in the statement of rights and responsibilities. Failure to do so may result in your account being suspended. Facebook's systems continually monitor accounts for behavior that is not permitted and, if you are found to be guilty, you are issued with a warning. Other users are also able to report you if you do not comply with the Facebook guidelines. If you misuse Facebook and ignore the warnings, Facebook will suspend your account.

Using a Fake Name or Impersonation

Using a fake name to create a Facebook profile can lead to suspension if detected. The terms that you agree to when you sign up for a new account state that you must use your real name. You are also not allowed to use the name of a celebrity with the intention of impersonating him. According to Facebook, the reason why you must use your real name when registering is for community safety. If you are commonly known by your nickname or maiden name, you are allowed to add it from your account settings page. Alternate names must comply with the Facebook community standards.

Posting Inappropriate Images

Facebook does not allow the sharing of pornographic images or any sexually explicit content where a minor is involved. There are also certain limitations on the type of nudity that is allowed, so photos of a nude sculpture or family photos of breastfeeding might be acceptable. Obscene photos or those that depict graphic violence are also not tolerated. Images flagged as inappropriate are reviewed by Facebook and removed if deemed necessary. If you persist in posting inappropriate images, your account may be suspended. This applies to any images -- whether it is your profile picture, photo albums or wall posts.

Threatening Other Users or Engaging in Hate Speech

While Facebook encourages users to engage in debates and tolerates humorous exchanges between users, you can get your account suspended for hate speech. If you attack other users based on their race, religion, sex, ethnicity or other characteristics such as disabilities or medical conditions, you can be reported, resulting in a warning. Ignoring this warning and continuing to engage in hate speech will result in your account being disabled. Threatening or harassing other users carries the same penalty. Actions such as repeatedly targeting other people with unwanted friend requests or messages are also seen as harassment and can result in a disabled account.

Using Multiple Profiles

Facebook allows you to create and use only one account. If it detects that you are using multiple accounts, your other accounts may be terminated and your main account suspended. Creating a business account when you are already maintaining a personal account also falls under this category and should be avoided. The Facebook pages or groups feature enables you to create a separate business profile that is tied to your personal account. Under no circumstances are you allowed to operate your personal page as a business as this also violates the Facebook terms. While Facebook might not detect extra accounts immediately, it is not worth risking the suspension of your main account by creating other profiles.

Engaging In Spam Or Phishing

While you can create a page or group to promote a product or service, do not continually post links to your site from your personal profile. Facebook has systems in place to detect and block spam. Other Facebook users can also report you if you engage in spamming, another action that may result in a termination of your account. Creating the same post continually or sending the same message to multiple people are considered spam. You are not allowed to contact other Facebook users for commercial purposes without their consent and must use the Facebook page feature if you wish to promote your business. Attempting to gain access to other user accounts through phishing will also result in the termination of your account if you are found guilty.


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