Is It Worth It to Pay for Higher Internet Speeds?

by James Wright

So much business is done online that you need to be sure you have the type of connection you require. When considering upgrading your Internet connection, there are many factors to consider to see if what you'll get is worth the price. Whether the upgrade is worth it depends on what you need and what your Internet service provider will offer you for your budget.

What You Need

When considering upgrading your Internet speeds, first consider whether the increase in speeds would benefit you. If you use a lot of bandwidth by uploading and downloading files or saving to cloud storage, a higher speed would help reduce the time it takes to perform these tasks. However, if your work relies more on other factors, such as stability and reliability, faster speeds would have little to no effect.

Effectiveness of Upgrading

An important factor to consider when looking at higher speeds is how they will actually be delivered and perform. ISPs may advertise certain speeds, but these are often the best possible speeds, not necessarily what you may experience. Your proximity to your ISP's closest data center influences what you will get. If you aren't getting what your ISP has advertised already, you may want to consider looking at alternative local ISPs instead of upgrading to your current ISP's next tier.

Cost vs. Speed

Upgrading your Internet is another expense for your business, so it's important to make sure that you are getting your money's worth. Consider whether the benefit of the upgraded speeds will be enough to justify the cost. This decision may be heavily influenced by the particular ISPs you have in your area, as some may charge much higher than others for relatively similar speeds. If you are facing much higher costs per month for minimal improvements in performance, it probably isn't worth it.

Bandwidth Throttling

Many ISPs use a method of bandwidth control they call "bandwidth throttling." When you use a certain amount of data per month, your ISP may drastically slow your internet speed. This is meant to hinder excessive use of bandwidth so other customers have unhindered Internet access, but it can be a serious inconvenience to you if such high bandwidth use is a necessity. Increasing your Internet speed generally does not increase your bandwidth cap, so if you are looking at upgrading your plan to up your bandwidth cap, you may instead need to look for an alternative ISP.

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