How to Work the Memorex Karaoke System

By Shelby Winchell

You can use one or two microphones on the Memorex karaoke system.
i microphone in red image by Oleg Kulakov from

You can be the star vocalist on some of your favorite songs with a karaoke machine. The Memorex karaoke system plays standard CDs and CD+G karaoke discs. The CD+G discs plays the audio track of the song and displays the lyrics. Adjust the controls to increase the singer's voice or turn it down so you can hear the song better.

Press the "Open/Close" button on the top of the Memorex karaoke system and insert a CD+G disc. The CD+G disc is a karaoke CD that features music, a video track and song lyrics.

Plug the microphone into the "MIC" jacks in the front of the machine. You can plug up to two microphones into the karaoke machine.

Press the "Power" button on the top left side of the machine to turn the karaoke machine on.

Turn the "Monitor" switch to the "On" position to see the song's lyrics and graphics.

Press the "CD+G Play/Pause" button to begin playing the CD. Both the "Play/Pause" and "CD+G" lights will turn on.

Press the "Vocal Auto" button to mute the pre-recorded vocals on the CD. Once someone starts singing the song's lyrics, the vocals will automatically turn on. If the singer stops singing, the pre-recorded vocals will come back on.

Adjust the "Mic Volume" to increase or decrease the microphone's volume.