Free Word Games for Adults

By Kara Page

Adults can find fun free word games to print or play online.
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Whether it's scrambled words, puzzles, crosswords, riddles or fun with anagrams, many adults love a good word game. If you're standing in line at the bank with your mobile phone or just want to have fun by printing a few games from your computer on a break at work, several websites offer free word games for adults to play.

Word Fit

This website features daily word puzzles in English, French, Spanish and Swedish. The puzzles start out easy on Monday, then gradually increase in difficulty throughout the week. Their crossword puzzles are printable, but users can also activate them to play online. Search for both printable and interactive, online fill-ins, crosswords, scramblers and jigsaws in the menu on the left side of the homepage.


Shockwave offers a variety of online word games, as well as downloadable games. In addition to the typical crosswords and word searches, this site has games like "Picturiffic," in which users try to guess a mystery phrase with each letter revealed one at a time, or "Super Text Twist," in which users take a jumbled group of letters and try to spell as many words as they can before time is up.


True to its name, Games has a section for word games only, with a new game released every morning. Games offers game-show-style word games, letter jumbles, and trivia games in addition to crosswords and other popular word games. Try "Bookworm," which has you frantically linking letters to spell words, or Games' own original game, "The Book of Treasures."

The Problem Site

This website also has an entire section dedicated to word games. The expected crosswords, scrambles, and hangman are here, along with new games like "Telephone" or "BlackBerry Game," which gives you a clue and numbers and asks you to figure out the secret word using a telephone or your BlackBerry mobile keypad. "One of These Things," in which you guess which strange word is not one you can find in a dictionary, is another favorite word game.

Free Games

Free Games has "Lexulous," an online "Scrabble" game, along with "WordTris," a "Tetris"-style word game where letters fall from the screen and you must stack them in order to create words while on a clock. If you're looking for a little education with your word game, try "Vocabulate," which aims to increase your vocabulary, or "AcroChallenge," which has you racing to create sentences from acronyms.