What Wires Are Needed to Install a Panasonic BL204 CCTV Camera?

by Alan Donahue
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The Panasonic WV-BL204 is a CCTV camera used for surveillance in businesses or homes. This camera is not longer manufactured. It can be purchased used, but often it comes with no cables, manual or power attachments. Without the proper cables, the camera will not operate properly. Understanding what cables are needed will help you set up the best possible surveillance for the system that you need.

Video Cables

The Panasonic WV-BL204 features two video output ports. Both connections are BNC cable cable connections. This requires a male BNC cable to plug into the camera. Only one of those ports is needed to operate the camera. The "Video" port is for video feeding into a VCR or DVR. The "Gen-Lock" port is for live-monitor viewing.

Power Cables

The WV-BL204 is powered with a 24V AC power supply. A three-colored AC cable is needed to connect power to the camera. The red and black cables are inserted into the "1" and "2" connections on the back of the camera and attached with a small screw. The other end of the cable is connected to an AC power adapter in a wall power supply or a three-prong convertor. The length of the cable depends on the distance from the camera to the power supply.

Siamese Cables

Keep wires bundled and organized with siamese cables. These cables are specifically made for CCTV setups. The siamese cables feature a BNC cable connection and the AC power connection. This allows you to feed a single line to the video connection and power supply at the same time. If an issue occurs with one part of the cable, the whole siamese cable will need to be replaced.

BNC Conversion Cables

If your video source does not have a BNC input, you can use a conversion cable to adapt the video feed into RCA. Different cables include BNC to VGA, BNC to RCA, BNC to USB and BNC to S-Video. When converting to another type of cable, you may experience some loss in quality. For surveillance footage this loss should not be an issue.

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