How to Wirelessly Connect a Laptop With a Printer

By Jane Ellis

A wireless printer maximizes the portability of a laptop.
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To make the most of a laptop's portability, you should choose to use a wireless printer rather than one that requires a cable connection. Using a wireless printer enables you take your laptop anywhere in your home or office and still be able to print.

Download your wireless printer's installation CD to your laptop. If you do not have the CD or are working on a newer operating system that is not supported by the installation CD, visit the manufacturer's Website to download driver software for your model printer.

Install the software.

Select the wireless network that features the wireless printer you wish to access. If it is a secure network, supply the network's WEP (wired equivalent privacy) security code when prompted.

Click the "Start" button for both the Microsoft XP and Microsoft Vista platforms.

If you are using Vista, you will have to click on control panel, and then under the "Hardware and Sound" heading, click on "Printer." If you are using the XP platform, click on the "Printers and Faxes" option, which is found on the start menu.

Click on "Add a Printer." Click on "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer." Your laptop will search for available wireless printers.

Click on the name of the wireless printer to which you want to connect. Select "yes" when prompted to print a test page or "no" if satisfied with the connection.