Wireless Vs. Wired Printer

by Danielle Odom

Although a wireless printer would be convenient for a home or office setting, there are other things to consider when looking at printers.


You need a computer with a wireless network card, a wireless printer or a printer with a wireless adapter, and a router. A wired printer just needs a computer with a printer or USB cable.


Both a wired printer and a wireless printer would print at the same speed; however, the more people printing at the same time would slow down a wireless printer.


With a wireless printer, your whole family or office could use one central printer instead of having to physically connect a printer to each computer.


A wireless all-in-one printer can cost $90 and up depending on the brand, and a regular all-in-one will start from about $40.


With a wired printer, you would need no extra security. A wireless printer, however, is another access point in your network and thereby would need to be added to your secure VPN (virtual private network).

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