What Wireless Routers Does Time Warner Use?

By Nicole Schmoll

Find out all about Time Warner Cable's routers.
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Time Warner is a cable company that also offers high-speed Internet and phone service across America. Many customers enjoy discounts on services when they bundle, or subscribe to cable television service, phone service and digital Internet service with Time Warner. Time Warner Cable's Internet service is called Road Runner and provides clients with an efficient way to access email and Internet content.

Road Runner

Time Warner Cable advertises high speed as the best feature of its Internet service. Like the road runner that is always escaping Wily E. Coyote in the classic Warner Brothers' cartoons, Time Warner's Road Runner Internet service has a speedy 15 Mbps connection speed. The company's Internet service runs on a high-speed cable modem that links individual computers to Time Warner's fiber-optic/ coaxial cable network. Time Warner advertises its Road Runner Internet service as three times faster than DSL and 100 times faster than dial-up service. The connection is always on which means it cannot be interrupted by telephone calls but rather, both phone and Internet service can be used simultaneously.

Road Runner Modem

Time Warner issues special eMTA cable modems to its high-speed Road Runner internet subscribers. The modem fee is built into the cost for monthly Internet service. Customers pay to use the modem but never own it. Time Warner's cable modems are paired with wireless routers, which means that they allow users to connect multiple devices such as laptop computers, mp3 players, eReaders and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet through the installed Road Runner modem and router.

Your Own Modem

Road Runner subscribers do not have to use Time Warner's special cable modem/router. If customers have their own, or a preferred cable modem to Time Warner's brand, Road Runner Internet service will work on AMBIT, Arris, CISCO, Motorola, NetGEAR, SA, SMC, TCE/RCA, Thomson and ZyXEL cable modems. Time Warner lists multiple models within each of the listed cable modem vendors as being compatible with its Road Runner service.

Road Runner Router

Time Warner Cable provides customers with a wireless router as part of the cost of Road Runner Internet service. Time Warner Cable technicians install the router and sometimes charge a small, one-time installation fee. After installation, Time Warner Cable routers are supported by technical staff. The Time Warner router also includes built-in intelligent security firewall. If you choose to buy your own wireless router to connect your Road Runner modem, you will not be able to receive technical support from Time Warner staff should any problems arise with your service.