How to Find Wireless Networks

By Chad Buleen

You can find wireless networks.
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In order to connect to a wireless network on your computer, you must be within range of a network. You can use your computer's "Connect to a Network" dialog box to find any of the wireless networks that are in your proximity. The list of wireless networks that appears in this box not only displays the names of the networks, but it also includes the signal strength of each of the listed networks.

Find Wireless Networks Using Windows XP

Click "Start" and select "Control Panel" from the menu that appears.

Click the "Network Connections" link.

Click the icon that shows two blue computer screens in the "Network Connections" window.

Click "View Available Wireless Networks" when the next window opens. You now will see a list of all wireless networks in your proximity.

Find Wireless Networks with Windows 7 & Vista

Right-click the "wireless" icon at the bottom right of your computer screen. The icon will look like either a computer screen or a row of bars in ascending order of height. The "Connect to a Network" window will appear.

Click the "Refresh" button on the right side of the window.

Examine the list that appears. The list includes the wireless networks in your area.