How to Get Your Wireless Laptop to Connect to the Internet Automatically

by Stephen Lilley

If you find it annoying that you have to manually connect your laptop computer to a wireless Internet network every time you turn on your machine, you have an alternative. The Windows operating system allows you to automatically connect to a specified network any time your laptop is within range. You just have to enable this feature via the Microsoft Network and Sharing Center.


Click the "Wireless" icon that appears as several vertical bars on your wireless laptop computer display, which usually appears in the right side of the taskbar.


Right-click on the listed network with the word "Connected" written underneath it. This is the network that your wireless laptop is currently connected to.


Click "Properties."


Select the "Connection" tab. Click "Connect automatically when this network is in range." Click "OK." Your wireless laptop computer will now automatically connect to this network whenever you're within its broadcasting range.

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