My Wireless Printer Doesn't Work From Laptop After Power Outage

By Louise Balle

Besides the basic inconvenience of losing your lights for a period of time, a power outage can have other troublesome effects on various electronics. Computers reboot and electronic clocks reset. One other issue you may experience after a power outage is an issue with your wireless printer losing the connection with your laptop.

The Outage

When the power goes out, the wireless printer may reset its settings, depending on how long the outage lasts. The router sending out the wireless Internet signal also resets, as does the modem. The laptop will usually retain its existing settings for as long as the outage lasts, just as if you were to shut it down after use. When the power comes back on, you should first ensure that all four of these devices are fully powered on again.

Check Router and Modem

First, check on the modem and wireless router. Check to see if all lights are green and solid as required by your modem and router instructions. Try to connect to the Internet with your router through your laptop. If you have an issue connecting, you may have to connect the laptop to the router using an Ethernet cord and log in to establish your router settings again (check your router manual for the exact instructions). It is possible that the router password needs to be reset or wireless activity re-enabled.

Check Printer Settings

If the wireless printer still does not connect even though the router is working fine and your computer connects to the Internet without a problem, the issue is likely with the wireless printer. Press the "Settings" or similarly named option on the wireless printer keypad to modify wireless preferences. If necessary, re-enter the router SSID name (name of the wireless connection) and password, then click "OK" to reset it to the wireless connection. The wireless printer and laptop must be linked to the same wireless router.

The Laptop

If you still have a problem connecting to the wireless printer from your laptop, try printing from another computer. It is possible that the software on the laptop is malfunctioning. If that is the problem, uninstall and then reinstall the software that came with the wireless printer.