How to Get Wireless Internet Without a Land Phone

by Risa Edwards

Many people have made the switch from land line phones to mobile phones. It was common for people to have both, especially because most Internet services where only available over the phone line. Now, there are a number of other options. Those who have decided to disconnect their land line have a variety of wireless Internet plans to choose from. Plans may not be available in all locations, so do some research into what is available in your area before making a decision on wireless Internet access.


Purchase a high-speed Internet service that does not run over the phone line. Cable Internet connections run through the cable wires already in your home. Some companies also offer DSL that no longer requires a phone line, but you will need to purchase a special wireless router.


Purchase satellite Internet if you live in an area that is not serviced by major providers. Satellite Internet is quite a bit more expensive than cable or DSL.


Purchase a PC or Laptop connect card. These cards connect with the major wireless companies, like AT&T or Verizon. Plug the card into the laptop and set up the wireless connection. These plans usually charge by data usage and can become expensive.


Visit a place with public Internet access. Many coffee shops and some cafes offer free wireless service to their customers. Other establishments may offer Internet for a small fee.


Share with a neighbor who has wireless Internet. They will have to give you the password or access card in order for you to get on any secured networks. Sharing may slow the connection speed somewhat.


  • check Look into bundle specials. Many companies will offer a discount if you combine your television or cellular bill with Internet.

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