How to Get Wireless Internet Everywhere From Satellites

By Andrew Latham

Learn how to get wireless Internet everywhere
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You can get a wireless Internet connection from (nearly) everywhere using technology similar to what your cellphone uses, 3G. 3G stands for third-generation of wireless mobile technology. This technology allows phones and devices connected to them to have high-speed Internet access and videophone capabilities. You will have to buy a mobile broadband card that is compatible with the region you live or plan to to travel to and pay for a connection plan that meets your needs. Another option is to purchase a mobile auto acquisition satellite antenna that connects direct to a satellite without relying on any terrestrial infrastructure.

Step 1

Choose between a phone or a laptop. Decide what you need when connecting to the Internet. If you simply want to browse the Internet, check your email or write some short posts on your blog you might be fine with a smart phone. Smart phones provide some of the features we associate with computers. If this is the case you just need to buy a smart phone that fits your needs and purchase a 3G telephone plan. If you decide you need a computer you must find out if your computer has a built-in 3G mobile broadband modem.

Step 2

Buy a 3G broadband modem. If it is not included in your computer you can buy a USB laptop stick for anything from $20 to $50. If you buy it from a wireless phone provider you can often get free on-line time included in the price.

Step 3

Choose a wireless phone connection provider. It is important you check the coverage of the network you choose. Some locations have bad or no 3G access. Connection costs for major mobile broadband providers in the Verizon and T-Mobile start around $25. If you are planning to travel, contact your provider and they will tell you which companies they can hook you up with in the country you are visiting. This service is called roaming and allows you to use the networks of local 3G providers.

Step 4

Buy a mobile auto acquisition satellite antenna system. Using a 3G wireless Internet modem or phone will be enough for most users. However if you need to have Internet access everywhere and don't want to rely on terrestrial infrastructure you need your own satellite antenna. This systems provide high-speed Internet access everywhere in the world except the North and South poles. With a push of a button the antenna unfolds and automatically locates the right satellite and provides the connection. Various companies like Inmarsat, Garmin, Globalstar and Icom provide these services.