How to Find My Wireless Information

by Christopher Kennedy

Knowing your router and wireless Internet settings are important to monitoring your connection and ability to connect additional users to the network. With access to the network, you can easily locate the network's name, wireless security key and the devices connected to the network. Access your router configuration page to find this information.

Finding Your SSID/Network Name


Open a Web browser, type in the URL address bar and hit the "Enter" key on the computer keyboard. Depending on the make of your router, you may have to use or


Locate the "Channel and SSID' option on the menu of the router configuration page. The name of the option may differ slightly depending on the router's make.


Select the "Channel and SSID" option. Enter the router's username and password. Leave those fields blank and select "Submit" if you have yet to set up the username and password.

Finding Your Network Security Key


Locate the "Security" heading on the browser's router configuration page and click the link.


Input the username and password for the router. If you did not set one up, leave the information blank and click "Submit."


Locate the value titled "Key" or "Network Key." This is the password for your network. Do not change any of the values or you will be locked out of your router.

Finding the DHCP Client List


Locate the "DHCP Client List" heading on the browser's router configuration page and click the link.


Input the username and password. Leave the information field blank and click "Submit" if you have not set up the username and password.


Locate the value titled "Host Name." This is a list of all the computers and network devices currently connected to the network.


  • check If you are attempting to access this information during the initial setup of your router, you will most likely need to be connected directly to your router via Ethernet cable. Depending on the make and model of your router, the directions above will work with any computer with access to the network, whether wired or wireless, after the initial setup.

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