How to Wire a House for FiOS


FiOS Internet and TV service can be distributed via coaxial cable.
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Verizon FiOS service is supplied via fiber optic cable.The cable is attached to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that is installed on the side of your home or business. If necessary, the ONT can also be installed inside the house. A Verizon technician must install the fiber optic cable and the ONT, but the connections leading from the ONT can be installed by non-Verizon personnel.

Identify the computers and TVs that will need wired connections.

Install a coaxial or Ethernet cable from the ONT area to the FiOS router--that cable will carry your Internet service and enable FiOS' interactive TV features. Do not connect the cable to the ONT.

Install Ethernet cable from the router to additional computers that will connect over a wired connection, if necessary. You should plug those cables into the LAN ports on your router.

Install coaxial cable from the ONT area to all TVs, if you are subscribing to FiOS TV service. Connect the coaxial cables to a coaxial cable signal splitter at the ONT. Connect the signal splitter to the ONT's coaxial cable port. If your TVs are already connected to coaxial table, you don't have to run new cables--just connect the existing signal splitter or single cable to the ONT.

Connect the Ethernet cable to the ONT's Ethernet port if you have chosen to provide an Ethernet connection to your router.

Test all Internet and TV connections.