How to Wire DirecTV LNB

by Adrian Grahams

The LNB (Low Noise Block) converter on your DirecTV satellite dish receives and amplifies the low-power, satellite-television signal before sending it down a run of RG6 coaxial cable to the set-top box connected to your TV set. After you've installed the DirecTV dish and attached coaxial cable from the satellite set-top box to the cable grounding block outside your house or apartment, run another length of coaxial cable from the grounding block to the LNB. Careful wiring is essential to avoid signal loss, which can prevent you from receiving all available channels and may cause video and audio distortion on the channels you do receive. The DirecTV dish LNB comes with four output jacks, so you might want to install multiple cables to connect additional receivers in different rooms.


Switch off the DirecTV satellite set-top box and disconnect it from the power outlet, if it's not already unplugged.


Attach F-connectors to each end of the length of RG6 coaxial cable. Skip this step if the cable came with F-connectors already fitted.


Screw the F-connector on one end of the coaxial cable to the "LNB" or "ANT" jack on the cable grounding block.


Reach the dish installation site with a ladder, steps or platform. Place ladders on firm, level ground. Get a friend, family member or neighbor to hold the bottom of the ladder while you install the cable and wire it to the LNB.


Run the coaxial cable up the wall to the dish . Fix the cable firmly to the wall with cable clamps or ties every 3 to 4 feet. Keep the cable run as short as possible, avoiding sharp kinks.


Route the coaxial cable through the channel in the dish arm.


Screw the F-connector on the cable into one of the four jacks on the bottom of the DirectTV dish's multi-head LNB.


Push the LNB unit on to the dish arm. Fasten the LNB unit to the dish arm with the nut driver two supplied nuts and bolts.


Loop the cable under the dish arm. This forms a "drip loop" that stops water from running down the cable into the jack on your grounding block.


Secure the cable to the dish arm with the supplied cable ties.


Screw one end of the grounding wire to the grounding screw point at the base of the dish's mast.


Screw the other end of the grounding wire to the cable grounding block


  • check When calculating the coaxial cable run, always allow for slightly more cable than you will need to connect the LNB to the grounding block.


  • close To avoid shorting, leave the set-top box unplugged until you've completed the cabling.

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