How to Wire a Clarion Car Radio

By David Lipscomb

i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Modern car radios are nearly uniform in wiring from the radio to the vehicle's harness. Clarion radios are no different, excluding video-based models. Audio-centric units have a standardized harness that is nearly identical from one model to the next. In fact, various aftermarket accessory companies have made car radio installations easier by eliminating the need to cut any factory wiring in the vehicle. This makes wiring a Clarion car stereo to nearly any vehicle a fairly simple job.

Step 1

Flip over the Clarion stereo and the vehicle-specific harness package. Note the relationship between the color coding of the Clarion harness and the vehicle's harness.

Step 2

Pull off the pre-cut insulation tips from each wire on both harnesses. Twist each wire to prevent shorts. Insert an insulated connector over the end of the Clarion's harness. Crimp it using the wire crimp tool.

Step 3

Slide the corresponding wires on the vehicle's harness into the other end of the crimped connectors. Crimp these wires in place.

Step 4

Wrap the loose wires on the harness with a few passes of electrical tape. Wrap enough tape until you are satisfied that the wires are bundled securely.