How to Wipe Clean a Garmin Nuvi

By Stephanie Breaux

A GPS unit in the car.
i Jelena83/iStock/Getty Images

If for any reason your Gamin Nuvi GPS stops responding and turning the device off and back on doesn't solve the problem, fully resetting the device can help. Performing a full reset completely erases all saved user data, restoring the unit to the factory default settings. Wiping your data from the system may also be useful in the event you decide to sell or give away the device, as others won't be able to view locations you've visited and your favorites list after you clear data from the system.

Step 1

Position your finger over the lower-right portion of the screen. While holding your finger in place, press the power button to turn on the Garmin Nuvi.

Step 2

Hold your finger in place on the lower-right portion of the screen until a pop-up message appears. This message asks you to confirm your decision to delete all data.

Step 3

Tap "Yes" to proceed and have the GPS automatically erase all saved data.