The Best Free Windows XP Repair

by Alexis Lawrence

If your Windows XP system seems to be in need of repair, it is quite possible that it is a registry issue. Any broken, unused or corrupt files in the Windows XP registry can cause a variety of computer problems, including run-time errors and system crashes. If you want to fix these problems, you will need to use a registry cleaner. Registry cleaners clear your system registry of bad files and allow your system to run at its most efficient. There are some well-reviewed registry cleaners that work on Windows XP systems.

Glary Registry Repair

Glary Registry Repair is a freeware with a simple interface, making it easy for almost anyone to clean their registry in just a few minutes. It has received a four out of five star rating from both the editors and users of popular software review site, CNET. When you open Glary, all of the parts of your registry will be listed on the screen. You can check or uncheck the boxes next to these parts to direct the cleaner on which parts of the registry you would like to scan. If you check all of the parts, Glary will scan the entire registry. During a scan, Glary will find any invalid files, non-working shortcuts or spyware that are sitting in the registry. Once the scan is complete, Glary Registry Repair provides an explanation as to why each file is unnecessary and will delete or repair the files.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Like Glary Registry Repair, Wise Registry Cleaner has an easy-to-use main interface that is mostly self-explanatory. The Wise cleaner is fast-working and includes an undo feature, which can be very helpful when working with a computer's registry. If, by some chance, the wrong file gets deleted from a computer's registry, it can cause the computer system to stop working. An undo feature eliminates this threat. Wise Registry Cleaner has received a three and a half star rating from CNET's editors and holds a four-star rating with users of the site. The Wise Registry Cleaner interface is much the same as the Glary interface. You will be able to select or deselect parts of the system in order to scan only some parts of the registry or run a full scan of your system. Any spyware or unneeded or broken files that are saved in your registry will be found, you will be shown a report of which files Wise Registry Cleaner is preparing to delete and the Wise cleaner will delete or repair the files for you.

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