Where Are Windows XP Drivers Stored?

By Sofi Soloman

Where to find Windows XP drivers.
i computer image by martini from Fotolia.com

Microsoft Windows XP drivers enable hardware devices to run effectively. Windows XP stores drivers in at least two easily accessible locations on the computer. Microsoft provides additional sources for drivers and driver updates.

Device Manager

The Device Manager lists the drivers used by hardware devices installed on the computer. Access the Device Manager from the Start menu. Right click "My Computer" and then click "Properties." From System Properties, click the "Hardware" tab and then click the "Device Manager" button. Find the drivers listed under the appropriate device. Right click the driver and click "Properties" for additional driver information.

Software Environment

To find drivers stored in the Software Environment files, open the "Run" command box found on the start menu. Type "msinfo32" into the box and press "OK." The System Information window displays an expandable menu on the left. Expand the Software Environment folders to find the drivers.

Original Windows XP Disc

XP drivers are also found on the original Microsoft Windows XP disc. Driver updates and upgrades are available online from Microsoft or other online vendors.