How to Get Windows Media Player to Play Amazon MP3 Songs

by Ashley Donohoe

Amazon sells MP3 songs that are compatible with most media player applications. When you download a song, you can use a program called Amazon MP3 Downloader to automatically download songs to a specific folder and import them into iTunes or Windows Media Player. If you haven't downloaded Amazon MP3 Downloader, or you haven't configured the program to import songs, you can manually play your Amazon downloads in Windows Media Player.

Step 1

Open the Amazon MP3 Downloader and click "View Download Folder" below the program's toolbar. If you do not have the software installed, click "Start" followed by "Music" and double-click the "Amazon MP3" folder.

Step 2

Double-click the folder for the artist that you want to play, then double-click an album title to view the included MP3 songs.

Right-click the song you want to play and select "Play With Windows Media Player" in the menu that appears. The song will begin playing in Windows Media Player.


  • If you want to automatically add future Amazon MP3s to your Windows Media Player library, open Amazon MP3 Downloader and select "Preferences" from the "File" menu. Select "Add it to Windows Media Player" under "When an item finishes downloading," then click "OK" to apply your changes.


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