My Windows Media Player Won't Rip

By HilaryPost

Rip music CDs to your computer.
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Microsoft's Windows Media Player is a free piece of software for all Windows users, allowing the browsing and playing of a variety of audio and video formats. The player includes the capability to copy or "rip" music from CDs, creating digital copies of music that can be accessed even when the CD is not in the computer. If your copy of Windows Media Player is not correctly ripping CDs, there are several troubleshooting steps that you can take.

Step 1

Download the latest version of Windows Media Player (see Resources) and double-click to install. Installing an updated version of the program ensures that your software is up-to-date and working correctly. It also uninstalls previous versions of the software, which may not have been working properly.

Step 2

Open "Control Panel" from your computer's Start menu and choose "Classic View." Choose "Device Manager" and click the "+" sign beside "DVD/CD-ROM Drives." Double-click the entry containing the text "CD-ROM Device" or "DVD-ROM Device" and click "Update Driver." Click "OK" to let your computer find and download the latest drivers for your CD drive. Reset your computer when the drivers have been installed.

Step 3

Open your Start menu and select "Windows Update." Click "Install" to ensure your computer is running the latest software, as outdated operating software can clash with Windows Media Player or your CD drive's drivers to prevent correct operation.

Step 4

Clean the CD you are trying to rip with a lint-free cloth moist with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Reinsert the CD and try ripping again, as Windows Media Player cannot rip from a CD if the CD itself is unreadable.

Step 5

Take your CD out of the CD drive and inspect the label side of the disc. If the CD, or the disc's packaging, contains a small triangular "Copy Protected" logo or text including the words "copy protection," the disc has been programmed to prevent digital copies from being made. Windows Media Player will be unable to rip the disc, even if the program is working correctly.