My Win 7 Mouse Pointer Won't Move Between Screens

by C. Taylor

Using dual monitors can increase productivity by extending your desktop and allowing simultaneous viewing of several opened programs. Properly setting up your configuration initially will avoid most issues. If you are experiencing problems with mouse movement between screens, it is likely the result of improper set-up or a program capturing your screen in "full-screen mode." By following this guide, you will correctly configure your set-up and avoid problems with mouse movements.

Setting Up Dual Monitors

Click "Start" > "Control Panel" and select "Adjust screen resolution" under the category "Appearance and Personalization."

Click "Detect" at the top right if you cannot see your second monitor. If it still does not show up, check the monitor cables in the back to make sure they are plugged into the computer and a power source. Make sure that the second monitor is turned on.

Select "Extend these displays" under the section labeled "Multiple displays." You may also adjust the layout of your monitors under the section labeled "Orientation." As an example, select "Landscape" if your monitors are side by side.

Click "identify" to identify which monitor is No. 1, and which is No. 2.

Click and drag one of the monitors in the display adjustment window so that the numbers correspond to the physical layout of the monitors. You will also want to align the sides of the monitors in the picture so that they are even or simulate the physical alignment. If they are not aligned properly, your mouse may not be able to move between the screens, or it may move in only a limited region.

Click "Apply" to finalize the settings. You should now be able to move your mouse between screens as if it were a single, large display.

Further Issues

Check the program you are currently running if you are still experiencing problems problems with your mouse moving between screens. Some programs, when run in full-screen mode, restrict movement to within a certain window. Examples are some games and DVD/video players. Switch to windowed mode or press Alt + Tab to change screens and regain full control of your mouse.

Run an updated virus scan on your computer. Although it is unlikely a virus is the cause of the problem, you can eliminate this possibility easy enough while checking for viruses.

Restart your computer. If all else fails, restarting solves a lot of problems.

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