How to Win A Penny Auction Tips

by Contributor

Here are a few tips to maybe help you out with those penny auctions. For Savvy Bidding, Bid Cactus, NabnGrab or Bid Rodeo

First if they give you free bids save them, use them when you buy bid packs. Yes I have known a few people who have won with just a few free bids, but they got lucky it doesn't happen very often.

DO NOT SPEND MORE THEN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE!!!! Yes people win all the time and people lose a lot too. A friend of mine had 100 bids cost her a few bucks and won nothing at all, but thats the risk you take. When you do win however its worth it. A lot of sites have great products that you win way below face value.

If there are 3 hours left don't bid on it, most likely you will be out bid and have wasted your bids. The most I would say start bidding 10 minutes before the end and thats pushing it. Most people wait to bid below one minute. Yes every time you bid more time is added.

Don't pick something just because it looks like a lot of people aren't bidding on it. A lot people wait until the end to bid it may look like 10 people are on the site when theres probably 30 just watching and waiting. I always say penny bidding is like survivor you have to outwit and out last you bidding opponents.

For those who have done penny auctions might feel frustrated by not winning, it's kind of like gambling. But for me it's exciting and it gives me a rush every time I see that counter hit zero and i'm the highest bidder, or when my heart skips a beat because I think I'm the winner then ½ sec before its about to end someone bids again. Anyways more tips.....

I like to stick with the low cost items, most of the time but not always there are less people bidding on them and you are more likely to win.

Do not spend more on bidding on bid packs then the bid pack is worth. Whats the point in that, wasting bids for bids that you might not win.

Just because it's two in the morning doesn't give you the advantage of winning, because think how many more people are thinking that. I say the best time is early in the morning when people are getting ready for work or school.

I say this this all the time DO NOT SPEND MORE THEN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE. I have won a lot of things a computer, lots of gift cards, donated to charities. But I have lost a lot too.

I like Savvy Bidding the best because they have something that I have not seen on any other site, it's called bid protection. You pay a little more for your bids but you are guaranteed something either a gift card or more bids it's your choice. You do have to wait 2-6 months and use all your bids, this always changes not sure why. You can buy more bids that were not part or the bid protection and use them but don't have to use all those bids to get the card. I really hope that makes sense it does to me but it sounds confusing.

The more bids you buy the more you save. I'm not going to tell you how much you should spend or how many bids you should buy each situation is different for everyone.

Pick an item and stick with it. I have seen people jump around and win and people who stick with it lose. But your more likely to win if you stick with an item.

Unlike ebay your not rated as a person so if you decide you no longer want something you don't have to pay but you don't get you bids back either.

Before you start bidding make sure all your information is up to date and you have your address in. It says they take 2-3 weeks for mailing but I have had things come a lot quicker then that.

Refer Refer Refer when you get friends or family to join and they buy bid packs you get free bids, just let them know what a penny auction is and how it works.

If you click on the picture or the name of the product it goes to another page where there is a lot more information about it and all the names of the people that have bid on it and if they are using a bid butler or not. You can also set up a bid butler on this page. A bid butler bids for you if you are not around at the time the auction is ending.

Well thats all the tips I have for now if I can think of anymore or if you have any questions e-mail me. I'll be back if I think of more

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