How to Win a Laptop Online

By Regina Paul


One way that you can get a new laptop is to win one in one of the many online contests. If your current laptop is older and or is not working properly, then winning a new laptop could be one way to resolve the problem. Some contests offer brand new laptops with all the bells and whistles that you could ask for, so this coupled with the fact that you will save money, makes it well worth your while to participate. Especially since it only takes a few minutes to fill in your name and email address, which is all many of these contests require.

Step 1

Select a contest that offers the type of computer you want. Some contests offer PC laptops, and others offer Mac Books.

Step 2

Go to the sign-up page for the contest of your choice. Fill in the required information. This is usually your name, address, phone number and email address.

Step 3

Complete any requirements to participate such as completing offers or filling out a survey.

Step 4

Complete any requirements necessary once you receive your free laptop. Some companies require that you be will willing to accept phone calls or emails regarding the laptop you've received for a short time after delivery.