How to Win a Dispute With Verizon Wireless

By Editorial Team

Updated December 10, 2019

A dispute with a large mobile service provider like Verizon Wireless can drag on for months, costing you time, frustration and, of course, money. If you handle the dispute correctly, however, you can win it with relatively little investment of time and cash. So, follow these steps in order to win a dispute with Verizon Wireless.

Get all your documents and facts together. Before you interface with Verizon Wireless you should gather all your bills, documents and service agreements. Think of all these documents as the ammunition for the dispute and consider that the Verizon representative will have these documents as well. So, get all your papers together and write down the specifics, dates and disputed amounts of money in your claim.

Call Verizon customer service. Use the number on your bill, or get a contact number by entering your area code into the "Contact Us" field at the Verizon website. This is the first and most basic step, and you should think of it as a formality. There is a small chance that customer service can help you get what you want, but in all likelihood this won't be the case. Take note of the representative's name, the time of the call and the outcome of the call so you can proceed to the next step. If the first rep does not get you what you want ask to speak with someone in a "management" position, not just "team lead."

Write a letter. If you dispute has been settled, you need to start writing. Address your letter to multiple departments, including top level management. Detail the dispute, the times you called and what the dispute has cost you so far. Include in the letter a list of organizations, such as Consumer Reports, your local Better Business Bureau and the FCC, to which you will be lodging formal complaints. Also, mention that if the dispute is not settled to your satisfaction you will be terminating service and pursuing legal action.

Go to small claims court. The last thing Verizon Wireless wants is a court case that costs them thousands of dollars to settle a dispute in which only a few hundred dollars are in question. So, file a claim at your local small claims court. The move should cost less than $100 and does not require an attorney. Use your letter, phone conversations and documents about the dispute as ammo to help you win. In all likelihood though, a high level Verizon rep will call you before the court case in order to settle the dispute.