How to win a complaint dispute with verizon wireless

By Rodney Southern

Winning a complaint dispute with Verizon Wireless can be a challenge if you are not prepared. Verizon Wireless, like all cell phone companies, want to retain your wireless business, but they also do not want to lose money. If you have a complaint or dispute, follow these simple rules to getting what you want.

Before the Call

Before you ever contact Verizon Wireless with a complaint or dispute, you should follow a few simple steps first. The first step would be to specifically identify what you want. When you call Verizon Wireless, you want to have a clear goal in mind, and be able to thoughtfully, and firmly state why you deserve said goal. Know what you want before you call.

The next step before you call is to have all applicable dates, mistakes, payments and bills from Verizon Wireless right in front of you so that you will be speaking to them from facts. Your memory may be strong, but having cold, hard facts in front of you is much better.

Have a compelling, professional complaint ready and rehearsed. Practice with a friend what you are going to say, and why. Most complaints and disputes are lost before you even pick up the phone.This is due to a lack of being able to convey what it is that you want, and not knowing why you deserve it.

Anticipate the roadblocks. Most people know that Verizon Wireless will have people on the other line that want to save the company money. This means that they are going to try to avoid being at fault. If they are at fault, you need to be able to explain why and overcome any roadblocks the customer service representative may put up.Think about this before dialing.

During the Call

When you call the customer service department of Verizon Wireless, politely ask for the correct department to handle your complaint or dispute. Once you get to the correct department, ask for a supervisor. This will allow you to speak with someone that can actually do something about your problem. If they need to call you back, take careful notes about when and who will call you. This will be very important later, and you will be glad you took down the information.

Once you are on the phone with a supervisor, politely and firmly explain the situation to them. Do not be harsh or hostile in any manner. Be very polite and nice, and take careful notes of everything the supervisor says. Make sure that you let the supervisor know that you are taking notes. This lets them know that you are keeping careful records and will keep them on the straight and narrow. Verizon Wireless is a business, and every business has good and bad supervisors. This is just in case you get a bad one. Ask for their name, and note the date and time.

Once you have explained the problem, ask the supervisor directly for what you want. Make sure that the request is reasonable, and then be quiet. Many customers shoot themselves in the foot by saying to much. Make your request and then let the supervisor answer. Generally, if you are requesting an adjustment to your bill, or any other request that will cost Verizon Wireless money, they will try to avoid doing so. When this happens remain calm, and ask for the next level of supervisor.

As you move up the chain of supervisors, continue to be civil, and take very good notes. With each supervisor, let them know who you have spoken with already, and make sure they are above that person or department. Often, supervisors will send you to other supervisors of the same rank. Make sure this is not the case by asking.

If your complaint is valid, most supervisors will not let it escalate above them. If they have the power to fix your situation, they generally will. This is a built in power play. Your asking for the next level of supervisor kind of forces the hand of the supervisor you are speaking with automatically.

Finally, if all else fails, inform them that you are going to change wireless carriers if this problem is not resolved. Generally, they will not want this to happen. If your complaint or dispute is valid, they will fix it. Do not be afraid to stand up for what is right. Verizon Wireless wants your business and in a volatile wireless market, they need your business. Make them earn it.