How Does a WiFi Radar Work?

By Virginia Franco

What is WiFi Radar?

WiFi Radar lets your computer scan for available wireless access points, often called AP networks. It is a tool for those who move regularly to different locations when working using the Internet, or for those who travel frequently with a laptop in tow. Whether you are at home, work or in a public location, WiFi Radar allows you to connect and to keep track of your wireless connection preferences.

How Does it Work?

With WiFi Radar, you do not need to browse a list of available networks, manually connect and wait for confirmation. Instead, the process is automated. Download the software and it will connect you automatically to the strongest AP network available. Access points are shown on your screen as green, red or yellow dots. Red dots represent closed networks, yellow dots undetermined networks, and green dots represent opened networks or those with a stored password. All networks will at first appear yellow. Then they turn either green or red, once they have been tested. As soon as a free connection is found, a sound is played and a web browser opens.

Works on Many Devices

WiFi Radar is ideal for those who move from one wireless access point (AP) to another and eliminates the hassles involved with manually connecting via your Windows connection manager. Wifi Radar downloads are available for personal digital assistants (PDAs) and even Pocket PCs, in addition to laptops and PCs.