How to Get the Wi-Fi Password for CenturyLink Wireless

by Aaron Charles
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After CenturyLink activates your Internet service, you may encounter some issues when you attempt to set up your Wi-Fi network; for instance, you might not know the password, or network key, for your wireless router. Generally, you can avoid having to contact CenturyLink's technical support line by looking no further than the wireless router itself. Most routers provisioned by CenturyLink typically have a label with the network ID and password details printed on it.

Step 1

Locate the wireless router label with various numbers and other details on it, including the router's serial number and your Wi-Fi network's name following the letters "SSID." This label is often on the bottom of the router.

Step 2

Note the number on that label that appears next to the "Key/Passphrase" heading.

Enter that passphrase as your Wi-Fi password the next time you try to connect to your CenturyLink wireless network.


  • Following CenturyLink's merger with Qwest, some routers originally provisioned by Qwest have remained functional in the CenturyLink system. If you are using a Qwest router, however, you might need to contact CenturyLink's technical support team so that it can be properly configured.


  • If you cannot determine the Wi-Fi password for your router, you may contact CenturyLink for technical support by calling 1-866-706-8592.


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