Where Is the Wi-Fi Antenna on the iPad?

By Nick Davis

The iPad is a tablet computer is capable of accessing the Internet, email and other services.
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The Apple iPad comes in a variety of models and memory capacities. The tablet computer also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi antenna that connects to both free and commercial wireless Internet services. The antenna is behind the Apple logo on the back of the original iPad. The Wi-Fi antenna on iPad 2, 3 and iPad Mini models is to the right of the Home button on the edge behind the front panel.

Physical Properties

The iPad's Wi-Fi antenna is a single device that is only capable of receiving and processing wireless Internet signals. In 3G/4G iPad models, the Wi-Fi antenna includes an additional antenna and a reception boaster that enhances Wi-Fi signals. The antennas are all interconnected and receive electrical power from the iPad's battery or dock connector.


The antenna or antennas inside of your iPad receive Wi-Fi signals no matter what position you have the tablet in – portrait or landscape. You do not have to place the tablet close to your wireless router or in the same room as the router. The iPad contains a Wi-Fi signal meter that informs you of the strength of the wireless signal. If you notice only one or two bars on the meter, your iPad is still receiving wireless signals and accessing the Internet and other functions via the Wi-Fi antenna, but the speed of the transmissions may be slow.


The iPad's Wi-Fi antennas, like other components, do not last forever and can fail. The component is removable in the event of a failure or if the component is not working properly. Consult an authorized repair service to replace the antenna if you are not experienced in electronics repair or if your iPad is still under warranty. If the tablet is still under warranty, opening the iPad immediately voids its warranty.


If replacing your iPad's Wi-Fi antenna yourself, using an Apple iPad service manual, follow the directions in the manual exactly and use the recommended tools for opening the tablet's case. Failure to follow the directions can cause irreversible damage to the Wi-Fi antenna, logic board and other components inside of your iPad.